Wu Yi Tea Benefits

The health benefits of Wu yi tea are similar to those provided by other tea drinks that come from the camellia sinensis plant. Being a type of oolong tea, this lies in between green tea and black tea in terms of duration of oxidation. As such, antioxidant content of wu yi tea is believed to be greater than black tea but lesser than green or white tea.

Wu yi tea commonly refers to a type of oolong tea produced in the cold and often fog-blanketed Wu Yi mountains of the Fujian province in China. Wu yi tea is said to be among the most highly prized types of oolong tea due to what is described as its ‘exquisite’ flavor. This flavor is believed to be brought about by the high mineral content of the Wu yi mountains.

When brewed, wu yi tea is of an amber or golden brown color. It is said to give off a slightly astringent flavor that is at once both nutty and sour.

According to many tea enthusiasts, wu yi tea is said to be original type of oolong tea as borne out by its appearance in many literary materials such as poems made during the Qing dynasty.

Wu yi tea reportedly grows in gaps of mountainous rocks, hence its relatively higher mineral content. And like most types of teas, this also has its fair share of antioxidant polyphenols that imbue it with free radical fighting properties.

There are several sub-types of wu yi tea in existence. Among these are:

Da Hong Pao wu yi tea
Shui Jin Pui wu yi tea
Tie Louhan wu yi tea
Bai Ji Guan wu yi tea

This tea is generally prepared by placing about 2 grams of tea per 170ml of water, or about two teaspoons of the tea leaves in a cup. The teas are ideally prepared with hot water in the 85 °C or about 185 °F temperature range and soaked for about 4 minutes. Wu yi tea leaves can be used several times with its taste improving with reuse. The third reuse is said to produce the best-tasting brew.

The following are some health benefits attributed to this drink:

  • Known to assist in melting away fat and therefore aiding in weight loss efforts.
  • Thought to aid in suppressing the appetite.
  • May help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Could be effective in the prevention of tumors and cancer.
  • Might help enhance the defense system’s of our bodies and thus keep many ailments at bay.
  • Used often in an effort to strengthen bones.
  • Might help add to the health of teeth and fight plaque.
  • May help protect against certain health risks accompanied by aging.