Types of Herbal Tea

St John’s Wort Tea Benefits

The useful health effects of St John’s Wort has been known in the annals of anti-depression treatment for a long time. St. John’s Wort is now the best selling medicinal herb in the United States and many regions of the world. It is widely prescribed by German medical practitioners to treat and fight cases of major depression.

Officially known as hypericum perforatum, St. John’s Wort is a perennial plant found in temperate and subtropical regions of Europe, Russia, China, India and North America. St. John’s Wort has erect stems that contain branches in the upper section. It has yellow, five-petalled flowers and often appear between late spring and mid-summer. It has yellow-green, oblong-shaped leaves with some translucent dots. It has pointed sepals and many stamens.

The herb and flowers contain different flavonoids (like rutin, hyperoside and isoquercetin), phenolic acids, naphtodianthrones (like hypericin), phloroglucinols and essential oils. The naphthodianthrones hypericin and pseudohypericin along with the Phloroglucinol derivative hyperforin are thought to be the active components that impart the healthy properties of St. John’s Wort.

These compounds may be derived by making St. John’s Wort tea. To make this tea, simply steep one teaspoon of dried St. John’s Wort leaves and flowering tops in a half cup of water for five minutes. Drink two cups of tea a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

It should be noted that St. John’s Wort may increase sensitivity to sunlight and the risk of sunburn. It should not be used with a MAO or a Protease inhibitor.

Below are a few healthy benefits attributed to St. John’s Wort tea:

  • May assist in fighting cases of major and mild depression.
  • May help relieve pain, especially those coming from spinal injuries and puncture wounds.
  • May also help in clearing bruises, sores and other skin problems.
  • Could aid in the treatment of anemia.
  • Thought to help in fighting headaches.
  • Said to help in treatment of jaundice.
  • Claimed to help in clearing chest congestion.