Types of Herbal Tea

Self Heal Tea Benefits

The health benefits of Self heal tea are quite noted for their antiseptic, antibacterial and astringent properties.

Self Heal is a low-growing perennial weed that grows wild throughout North America, Europe and the colder clime countries of Asia. Known by its scientific name of prunella vulgaris, self heal belongs to the mint family. However, it doesn’t have the fragrance that’s typically associated with other mints. It possesses distinctive purple flowers that are arranged in rings around the spikes and grow at the tip of stems and the smaller branches.

Another name for the self heal herb is ‘heal all’ but the exact origin of this term and the true reason why many consider this herb to be a panacea for curing a wide array of ailments confound many herbalists. Nonetheless, the self heal herb has been traditionally used to treat a host of physical conditions such as cuts, abrasions, bruises, yeast infections and the like. In fact, self heal was a highly valued herb for curing wounds and even gained prominence when German military doctors utilized it to help heal wounds and treat fevers during the 1540s through the 1560s.

The active constituents of self heal herb are the following: vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, betulinic-acid, D-camphor, delphinidin, hyperoside, oleanolic-acid, rosmarinic-acid, rutin, ursolic-acid, and tannins.

Self heal tea can be made by placing two teaspoonfuls dehydrated self heal leaves/flowers in one cup of newly-boiled water and then letting it soak for approximately 10 minutes. The drink may be taken twice each day and may also be used as a gargle to treat sore throats or applied topically as a lotion to cure open wounds, boils and bruises.

Beneath are a few health benefits attributed to self heal tea:

  • May help hasten healing of wounds and bruises by impeding bleeding and facilitating the repair process.
  • When applied topically may help disinfect wounds.
  • When applied topically may help to treat boils.
  • Said to help in the treatment of sore throat.
  • Claimed to help in the treatment of diarrhea.
  • Believed to help in the treatment of HIV cases.
  • Could help in the treatment of styes and conjunctivitis.
  • Might help lower blood pressure.