Types of Herbal Tea

Osha Tea Benefits

Osha herb has been known to generations of Native Americans as a useful herbal remedy. An infusion made from the osha root is their traditional remedy for indigestion, as well as viral infections of the sinuses, throat and the respiratory system.

The Osha plant is a perennial herb from the family of the parsley and dill. It is known to inhabit dry, upland meadows and ravines in the Rocky Mountains, as well as some parts of Mexico. However, it is recognized to be a plant whose supply is endangered.

Osha often grows in thick, extensive patches. It possesses fern-like leaves that are usually spotted green when its young, and transforms to a golden hue in the autumn. These leaves can reach heights of up to two feet. The plant also possesses a thin, hollow stalk. The osha root has a hairy texture and is colored brown on the outside and yellowish on the inside.

The active constituents of the osha root are furanocoumarins, and mucilage.

The osha root is known to have bitter taste. It is known to induce sweating and help eliminate toxins through the skin pores.

The anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-spasmodic, diaphoretic and anti-inflammatory properties of the osha root can be unlocked by making an infusion of osha tea. To make the tea, simply place a fistful of the dried roots into a mug of freshly-boiled water. Let the mix stand for about 5 to 7 minutes. Then drink the tea as needed. Osha can likewise be taken as a tincture. About 20 to 60 drops of the osha tincture can be taken up to five times in a day.

Pregnant and nursing women are advised not to use osha tea or any of its derivatives. In addition, extended use of the herb and tea may lead to liver damage.

Some health benefits attributed to this herbal tea drink:

  • May help fight bronchial infections.
  • Seems to combat sore throat.
  • May help enhance the immune system.
  • May help expel phlegm, and is especially useful for getting rid of coughs. It may also be helpful against pneumonia.
  • Possibly helpful against fevers and influenza.
  • May help alleviate gastrointestinal discomfort.
  • Said to improve appetite.
  • May be helpful in the overall efforts to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • When applied topically may help heal cuts, scrapes and wounds.