Types of Herbal Tea

Neem Tea Benefits

Neem has been quite well-known in the field of Ayurvedic medicine in India for several centuries.

The neem tree is native to India. It is an evergreen tree that can reach as high as twenty feet in just a span of three years. It has natural pesticide, germicide and medicinal properties, and is resistant to termites. The neem tree starts bearing fruit at three to five years.

The leaves of the neem tree have antibacterial and antiviral properties, and are often used in cosmetic and skin treatment preparations. Neem leaves are also effective insect repellants, can be used to treat ringworm and other parasitic skin infections, and promote healing of wounds.

Neem tea is produced by taking the whole neem leaf and infusing it in boiling water. Neem tea can also be made using powdered neem leaf and combining it with boiling water.

Due to its fabled antibacterial and antiviral properties, there has been evidence that this tea:

  • Can help treat malaria and other infections
  • Can help treat pneumonia
  • May help in treatment of various inflammatory conditions
  • Seems to be useful in treatment of diabetes
  • Possibly helps treat hypertension and heart disease
  • Can be used to counter ulcers and gout
  • May help purify and cleanse the blood