Types of Herbal Tea

Motherwort Tea Benefits

Motherwort is one of those plants that has somehow found its way into native medical lore in every corner of the Earth…from Russia to Romania …from America to Asia.

The genus name Leonurus is derived from a Latin word, leo meaning ‘lions’ and a Greek word oura, meaning ‘tail’, in reference to the leaf’s shaggy shape – like a lion’s tail. The species name, cardiaca is from the Greek word kardiaca, meaning ‘heart’.

Motherwort tea is created by infusing the herb in boiling water. In fact, the Japanese consider Motherwort tea to be a drink benefiting longevity, thus the expression, “Drink motherwort to the despair of your heirs”. The Japanese have a Motherwort festival on the ninth day of the ninth month called Kikousouki. During this time Motherwort flowers are eaten in rice and added to saki.

Below are some of the observed health benefits of this drink:

  • Inhibits blood platelet aggregation and lowers blood lipid levels.
  • Lowers high blood pressure and calms arrhythmias.
  • Calms palpitations and normalizes heart function in general.
  • Aids in treating thyroid hyperfunction.
  • May help relieve pain during childbirth.
  • Known to stimulate the uterus to contract after delivery, thus helping to prevent infection.
  • Helps to calm the central nervous system.