Types of Herbal Tea

Club Moss Tea Benefits

The health benefits of Club Moss tea have been known for a lengthy amount of time. The plant is known in particular to possess diuretic, analgesic and antispasmodic properties.

Club Moss is an evergreen that is related to ferns. It is mostly found in Europe and Russia, where the climates are comparatively colder.

The club moss is said to be structurally similar to the earliest vascular plants that inhabited the Earth hundreds of millions of years ago. It has scale-like leaves and spores at the bases of the leaves. They likewise have branching stems.

The active constituents of club moss are alkaloids, polyphenols and flavonoids. To make club moss tea, place small cut pieces of the plant in about one ounce of boiling water. Let it stand for about 3 to 5 minutes. Take a cup once during the day.

Club moss tea should not be used by pregnant women. It is also NOT for long-term use.

The following are some health benefits attributed to club moss tea:

  • This tea is said to help cleanse the kidney and help in the treatment of related ailments.
  • May help in the relief of urinary tract infection.
  • Said to help relieve gastritis, indigestion and constipation.
  • Its said to help in the treatment of certain liver diseases.
  • May help reduce edema.
  • When applied topically this tea may help in the healing of wounds and in stopping bleeding.
  • May help regulate menstruation.