Hojicha Tea Benefits

The beneficial use of Hojicha tea for our health is made possible by the antioxidant compounds naturally found in the camellia sinensis plant, the plant in which all varieties of green tea come from.

Hojicha tea is a type of Japanese green tea that is produced by roasting bancha or even sencha and kukicha green tea leaves over high charcoal heat, usually using a porcelain pot. Due to this process, hojicha tea gets a savory flavor with a refreshing and caramel-like roasted taste and virtually no bitterness. Also because of this process, there are some antioxidant catechins lost in the hojicha tea.

Though hojicha tea is colored light to reddish-brown, it is still considered green tea. It contains the lowest level of caffeine of any Japanese tea.

Hojicha tea is popularly served during or after the evening meal. It is frequently served before bed as its lower caffeine content makes it milder and serves as an ideal relaxation tonic.

To make hojicha tea for a typical 12 oz cup, simply place about 3 teaspoons of hojicha green tea in newly boiled water. Let the mix stand for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Discard the tea leaves and serve.

While hojicha tea decidedly contains less of the tannins and antioxidants found in other types and varieties of green tea, it still packs considerable amounts of these substances.

Health benefits obtained from Hojicha tea are the following:

  • Could bolster the immune system. This helps in the fight against diseases resulting from viruses and bacteria.
  • Known to protect against cardiovascular diseases.
  • May aid the battle against cancer and tumors.
  • May assist a diet for losing weight.
  • Claim to stop decaying of our teeth.
  • Said to help usher in relaxation.
  • ay help in the maintenance of overall well-being.