English Breakfast Tea Benefits

English breakfast tea has many noted health benefits most of which are derived from the flavonoids and antioxidants abundant in the camellia sinensis plant where it and all types of black tea come from.

English breakfast tea is a blend of various black teas, the resulting taste of which is frequently described as full-bodied, robust, strong and rich. English breakfast tea is the most commonly drunk type of tea in the UK and is typically enjoyed best with milk and sugar. It is the favored drink to accompany the traditional full English breakfast of bacon, eggs, bread, rolled oats, granola and fruits such as oranges, peaches, berries and grapefruit.

English breakfast tea typically includes such black tea types as Assam tea, Ceylon tea, Kenyan tea and Keemun tea. It contains caffeine.

The term “English breakfast tea” is thought not to have originated in England but rather in Colonial America.

The health benefits of English breakfast tea come primarily from its component black teas. However, since English breakfast tea is typically enjoyed with milk, some of the antioxidant benefits found in the black tea are thought to be diluted since milk has been found to contribute to the lessening of their potency.

Nevertheless, it is generally accepted that English breakfast tea still contains beneficial amounts of antioxidants.

The following are the health benefits attributed to this black tea:

  • May be helpful in lowering the risk for heart attacks.
  • May be helpful in decreasing the risk for strokes.
  • May be helpful in strengthening the immune system and thus contribute to warding off diseases and ailments caused by viruses and bacteria.
  • May be helpful in lessening the risk for cell damage which in turn may lead to cancer.
  • May be effective in relieving tension and soothing the nerves.
  • May be helpful in strengthening teeth and fighting cavities.
  • May be useful in improving and enhancing blood circulation.