Assam Tea Benefits

The health benefits of the Assam variety of black tea are well-known throughout the world. These healthy effects are primarily derived from the antioxidant content of the tea leaves.

Assam tea is a type of black tea known for its robust body, briskness, tart, malty flavor, and bright color. It is typically marketed as “breakfast” teas and some of its common generic names are English breakfast tea, Irish breakfast tea and Scottish breakfast tea.

Assam tea is made from the leaves of the camellia sinensis (assamica) plant. The leaves are dark green in color and are glossy and fairly wide compared to those of the Chinese tea plant. Furthermore, this variety of the tea plant produces delicate white blossoms.

Assam tea named after the Assam region of India where it is produced at or near sea levels. The Assam region is found next to the Brahmaputra River and borders Bangladesh and Myanmar ( Burma ). It is considered the world’s largest tea-growing region. It has a long tea-growing season. Though Assam black tea is the best known type produced in the region, it has also been producing smaller quantities of green and white tea types.

The Assam region is known to experience high precipitation; and can get up to 12 inches of rain during the monsoon region. The daytime temperature rises to about 103°F, which is extremely and hot. This tropical climate contributes to the distinctive malty taste of Assam tea.

The perfect cup of Assam tea is best achieved by placing cold water first in the tea kettle. Take the water to a boil and remove it from the heat shortly thereafter. Place about 1 teaspoon of tea leaves into a pot and pour in the freshly boiled water. Let the mix stand about three to five minutes then strain the leaves and drink.

Assam tea gives a variety of health benefits to the drinker by virtue of the rich antioxidant flavonoid and polyphenol content of the camellia sinensis (assamica) plant where it comes from. However, due to the relatively extensive oxidation process it undergoes, assam tea has a lower antioxidant content than its green or white counterparts. Those who add milk to the tea further erode the health benefits as milk is said to diminish the potency of the antioxidants.

The following are the health benefits of assam tea:

  • May help reduce the risk for heart attacks.
  • May help decrease the risk for strokes.
  • May enhance the immune system and lessen the risk for cell damage which in turn may lead to cancer.
  • May help relieve tension and soothe the nerves. It may also help decrease the risk of brain function disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Could strengthen teeth and fight cavities.
  • May assist in improving blood circulation.