Types of Herbal Tea

Wheatgrass Tea Benefits

The health benefits of the Wheatgrass herb used for tea are slowly being acknowledged by mainstream health and herbal medicine practitioners. However, the benefits of wheatgrass have long been a mainstay in the annals of traditional medicine. Throughout the years, wheatgrass has in fact gained the moniker ‘king of alkaline foods’.

The wheatgrass is the young grass of the common wheat plant. Officially known as triticum aestivum, wheatgrass is typically taken freshly pureed or blended as wheatgrass juice but is also ground or dried into powder form ready to be taken as tea, capsule, or as an additive to food and beverage.

Wheatgrass is typically grown by soaking the seeds in water until they sprout and grow shoots approximately 2 inches long. Wheatgrass has a deep green shade and is known to be a superior source of antioxidants and organic phosphates.

The proponents of wheatgrass claim that regular ingestion of the plant as a juice, tea, supplement or capsule can impart many health benefits, mainly in the areas of detoxification and general well-being.

Among the key constituents of wheatgrass are chlorophyll, enzymes, fiber, and alkaline. Wheatgrass also contains amino acids, vitamins including A, C, E, and B complex, and minerals that act acting as detoxifiers, anti-oxidants, and energy boosters.

Wheatgrass Tea may be made by pouring about a tablespoon of wheatgrass powder in a cup of cool water. It should be noted that wheatgrass should not be consumed with liquids that have temperatures above 30 degrees celsius as it will render the active enzymes useless.

Among some healthy effects attributed to wheatgrass tea are:

  • May aid digestive system and stop constipation
  • Believed help prevent diabetes
  • Claimed to help prevent heart disease
  • Seems to help enhance blood flow and circulation
  • Appears to help detoxify the system and may help protect against colon cancer
  • May assist in fighting anemia
  • May help clear heavy metals from the bloodstream
  • May help make menopause more manageable
  • Thought to help promote general well-being