Types of Herbal Tea

Valerian Tea Benefits

The Valerian plant has been quite known in the annals of traditional Chinese and ayurvedic Indian medicine for centuries.

This tea is commonly used to induce sleep and relaxation on its drinkers. It is known to be a potent tranquilizing and calmative agent.

Valerian is a plant native to northern Europe and central Asia. It has pin-like leaves and pink flower heads, and grows up to four feet tall.

The most important part of the Valerian plant is its roots. The Valerian root is used in herbal healing. Valerian root is usually dried at temperatures below 105 degrees F (40 degrees C) for its medicinally active compounds to form.

Valerian Tea has a rather curious taste of sweet, spicy and bitter combo. Aside from the taste, another main complaint about Valerian Tea is its rather unpleasant and awful smell.

Some of this herbs health benefits are summarized as follows:

  • Can help treat chronic insomnia and sleeplessness
  • Soothes and sedates the nervous system
  • Appears to calm hysteria and restlessness
  • Seems to alleviate menstrual problems
  • May help soothe the digestive system and prevents cramps due to irritable bowel movement
  • Used to control convulsions and muscle spasms
  • May help lower the blood pressure
  • Shows to inhibit the growth of tumors