Types of Herbal Tea

Spearmint Tea Benefits

The health promoting benefits of the Spearmint herb have been quite known since the days of old.

Spearmint tea is derived from the plant Mentha spicata, syn M. viridis. The plant yields an aromatic and carminative oil, referred to as “oil of spearmint”. A native of the Mediterranean, spearmint was revered by ancient Romans for its ability to “stir up the mind.” It continues to be savored for its refreshingly light aroma, as well as its natural, caffeine-free taste.

Spearmint takes its name from its crinkled leaves, which resemble the shape of the blade of a spear. It has oblong, lanceolate, sub-acute, serrate leaves, and slender spikes of flowers. It grows in watery places.

When the wonderful spearmint herb is steeped in boiling water it gives a very fresh simple flavor with a strong full scent. It is particularly great for helping settle an upset stomach. This tea is extremely refreshing with a taste that’s not overwhelming nor weak either.

The Spearmint herb yields a minty tea that with the following benefits

  • Claimed to be great for treatment of stomach aches.
  • Known to assist in reducing nausea.
  • Seems to help combat heartburn.
  • Appears to aid in treating mild indigestion.
  • Said to help in fighting morning sickness during pregnancy.