Types of Herbal Tea

Rosehip Tea Benefits

The Rosehip herb and its benefits are slowly but surely being appreciated by people from all over.

The rosehip has long been valued for its refrigerant and astringent properties. It is very well-known for its high concentration of Vitamin C.

The leaves of the Dog Rose, when dried and infused in boiling water, have often been used as a substitute for tea and have a grateful smell and sub-astringent taste. The flowers, gathered in the bud and dried, are said to be more astringent than the Red Roses.

Everyone should try this totally refreshing tea.

Below are some of the health benefits gained from drinking this tea:

  • Considered strengthening to the stomach
  • Said to be useful in combating diarrhea
  • Found to help in fighting dysentery
  • Valued for its pectoral qualities that is good for coughs and spitting of blood
  • Often used to help treat distempers of the breast
  • May assist in easing colic