Types of Herbal Tea

Kudzu Tea Benefits

Kudzu tea has long been known as being potent for circulatory problems and ailments.

Kudzu is a creeping and trailing vine that is native to regions of Japan and China but now grows in many parts of Asia as well in the southeastern areas of the United States. Kudzu is typically found growing in shaded areas along mountains, fields, roadsides, in thickets and thin forests. In these areas, kudzu roots often grow rapidly and the resulting vines reach a length that’s longer than that of a human body.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, kudzu is considered as one of the 50 fundamental herbs and is often used to help vent pathogens and pathogenic influences. Its scientific name is pueraria lobata and called ge-gen in China.

Kudzu is considered as an edible vegetable in Asia and has been used in many parts of the continent as a healing root for thousands of years. As an accompaniment for Asian soups, the kudzu is typically sliced into small pieces and slowly cooked for many hours. The starch sourced from the kudzu is often cooked into noodles and pastes, into pastries, and used as a thickening agent in sauces.

The main constituents in the kudzu root are isoflavones, like daidzin, daidzein, glycosides and puerarin. These chemical compounds abundant in kudzu are said to be responsible in helping bring about improvement in the blood circulation along the coronary arteries.

Kudzu tea can be made by brewing a pot of black tea (can be the oolong or the pu erh tea) and then adding a handful of kudzu roots into the mix. The health properties of the roots combine with the black tea to create a healthy and satisfying combo.

There is another kind of kudzu tea and it is prepared by simmering kudzu leaves in water for about 15 minutes. However, the kind of tea used in the traditional Chinese medicinal way is that made with the kudzu roots.

The following are the health benefits attributed to the tea:

  • May help enhance the flow of blood to the brain in people suffering from arteriosclerosis. Kudzu is widely used in the treatment of patients of angina pectoris.
  • May help in treating headache and dizziness problems in people suffering from high blood pressure.
  • May help in alleviating muscle pain, particularly in the neck and back areas.
  • May help in easing stiffness.
  • May help in suppressing the craving for alcohol.
  • May have potential in controlling type II diabetes and hypertension in post-menopausal women.