Types of Herbal Tea

Cordyceps Tea Benefits

The health benefits of Cordyceps tea are numerous and believed to be most potent as longevity and energy boosters. In China , the cordyceps mushroom is widely believed to be a cure-all herb that is able to strengthen the body’s systems, and provides anti-aging, immune boosting and rejuvenating properties.

Known by its scientific name of cordyceps sinensis, cordyceps mushrooms have a distinguished history as medicinal fungi in traditional Chinese medicine. Cordyceps have been used to treat a host of medical conditions for thousands of years. Extracts from the fruiting bodies of cordyceps mushroom species showed significant anti-cancer activities through various actions. Among these are modulating the immune system and inducing cell death or apoptosis.

This mushroom is also known as caterpillar mushroom due to its unique elongated grassy-like appearance. It is actually a parasitic organism that grows wildly on insect hosts (like caterpillars and ants) in the plateaus of China, Nepal, and Tibet. Knowledge about the cordyceps mushroom’s potential medicinal properties has spread worldwide and as such, it is now grown even in the Americas and Europe.

Most of the cordyceps tea benefits are derived from the active constituents of the mushroom which include: adenine, adenosine, guanosine, thymine, inosine and thymidine.

While it is traditionally taken as part of broths and soups, an herbal brew can be made using the mushroom. It can be made by placing some dried cordyceps mushroom strands in boiling water and allowed to boil for about 3 to 5 minutes. Let the mix stand for about an hour before drinking. Alternatively, powdered mushrooms can also be used and a teaspoon this can be placed into a mug of newly-boiled water. Cordyceps tea typically tastes bitter.

The following are believed to be the most important cordyceps tea benefits:

  • May help lower the risk for developing tumors and cancer.
  • May help improve the immune system.
  • May help protect the liver and kidneys.
  • May help tonify the lungs and as such, may assist in quicker recovery from respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis and cough.
  • May help strengthen cardiovascular health by fighting bad cholesterol.
  • Said to contain hypoglycemic properties that may help fight diabetes.
  • May improve the male sexual function.
  • Its restorative properties may help fight weakness and lethargy. It has been used to help people recover faster from illnesses. It has also been used to help boost athletic performance.