Types of Herbal Tea

Buckthorn Tea Benefits

The health benefits of Buckthorn tea have been known for being effective in easing constipation and promoting the excretion of bowels.

The buckthorn is a shrub or small tree that grows up to 25 feet tall. It has slender branches with sharp spines on their tips. The leaves of the buckthorn have sharp edges and have either an elliptical or oval shape. Also known as rhamnus frangula, buckthorn has flowers that produce fruits that are similar to berries.

The bark of the buckthorn is typically used for its medicinal properties. The constituents of buckthorn are derivatives of anthraquinone, vitamin C, tannins and antioxidant flavonoids.

The health benefits of buckthorn herbs may be unlocked by making and drinking buckthorn tea. Proper aging of buckthorn bark is required to allow its primary active constituent, anthrone, to oxidize and prevent intestinal cramping when taken as buckthorn tea. The recommended age is usually 1 year.

Buckthorn tea is prepared by adding one spoon of mashed buckthorn bark to a cup of boiling water, covered for 15 minutes, and then further boiled for another 15 minutes. The brew must be filtered while it’ s hot and is ideally taken before bedtime.

The right dose should be strictly observed. Taking buckthorn tea should not be taken on a long-term basis. Pregnant or nursing women should consult a health care provider before using buckthorn tea. Discontinue use in the event of diarrhea or watery stools.

Some of the health benefits derived from Buckthorn tea are the following:

  • The tea is primarily used as a laxative, to assist in moving bowels and to relieve constipation (particularly those caused by insufficiency of bile).
  • May be helpful in the overall treatment of toxic shock.
  • May be of help in treating liver disorders.
  • May be helpful in treating rheumatism.
  • May be useful in purging intestinal worms.
  • May be topically applied to combat skin disorders associated with constipation. These disorders include eczema, acne and psoriasis, among others.