Types of Herbal Tea

Blue Flag Tea Benefits

The benefits of Blue Flag tea have been highly-regarded by Native American tribes for centuries. They used the root of the blue flag plant to treat liver ailments. They also use it as a cathartic and as a virtual panacea in treating various ailments.

Blue flag is a perennial herb that is native to North America. Also known as the liver lily and the fleur-de-lis, blue flag grows in shallow water, and is similar in appearance to the wild iris. It possesses smooth spear-shaped leaves and topped with a light bluish-purple flower. Blue flag plants tend to grow in bunches and are in full bloom during late June and early July of each year.

The active constituents of blue flag are iridin, volatile oils, salicylic and isophthalic acids, gum, resin, tannin and sterols. These are mostly found in the roots or rhizomes of the blue flag plant.

To make blue flag tea, simply place 1 teaspoon of the dried roots in a cup of boiling water. Then let it steep for 10 minutes. The recommended dose is thrice a day.

The following are the health benefits attributed to blue flag tea:

  • May help stimulate the liver and thus helpful in the treatment of jaundice and hepatitis.
  • May help fight impurities of the blood.
  • May be useful in the fight against skin problems like acne and psoriasis.
  • May help detoxify the body by increasing the production of bile, as well as frequency of urination.
  • May help treat indigestion.
  • May help in weight loss.
  • May help treat rheumatism.