Chun Hao Tea Benefits

The health benefits derived from Chun hao tea are gotten largely from the flavonoids and antioxidants that can be found in substantial quantity in the camellia sinensis plant where it and all types of green tea come from. Added benefits also come from the fragrant jasmine flowers that typically accompany this tea.

Chun hao tea is a high grade green tea type that comes from the Fujian province of China. The tea comes from hand-rolled tender tea plants that are grown in high altitudes. Chun hao tea has a sweet scent as it comes infused with jasmine flowers. The jasmine flowers lend it a floral flavor while accentuating its natural toasty taste.

When steeped, this tea produces a clear yellow-green hue. There is likely a jasmine aftertaste which is typically stronger than the naturally astringent flavor of the green tea.

To make a nice cup of this jasmine chun hao tea, place a teaspoonful of leaves in a pot of water and steep for about 3 to 4 minutes. Strain the leaves and then drink. The leaves may be used for a second steeping and the resultant tea is said to be quite identical to the first.

Below are some of the benefits attributed to this brew:

  • May help reduce the risk of developing heart and cardiovascular diseases.
  • May help lower the risk of developing tumors and cancer.
  • May help enhance the immune system and combating diseases and ailments associated with different kinds of virus and bacteria.
  • May help strengthen bones and teeth.
  • May help in efforts to lose weight.
  • May help enhance alkalinity levels in the body.
  • May help fight inflammation and the ailments related to it.