Golden Monkey Tea Benefits

The health benefits bestowed by the Golden monkey variety of black tea are mostly obtained from the antioxidants and flavonoids which are found in abundant quantities in the camellia sinensis plant.

Golden monkey tea refers to a type of high-grade black tea that originates from the Yunnan and Fujian provinces of China. This tea comes from only the first bud and the first leaf. It is typically in season during the spring months of April to May.

The name of this tea is said to be partly derived from the pale gold threading that are present in its monkey paw-shaped leaves. Another version of how it got its name talks about how only monkeys were said to have been able to pick the leaves of this tea due to their high altitude growing areas.

The flavor of golden monkey tea is generally described as being light, peach-like, chocolatey, and exhibits somewhat of a honey sweetness. This tea also has an utter lack of astringency due to its low tannin content. The leaves emit a wonderful fragrance.

A good cup of golden monkey tea can be made by placing about a handful of the golden-tipped leaves into a cup of newly-boiled water. Let the mix stand for about 3 to 5 minutes.

The following are the health benefits attributed to golden monkey tea:

  • May help strengthen the immune system.
  • May help reduce the risk for developing tumors and cancer.
  • May help lower the risk for developing heart and cardiovascular diseases.
  • May help relieve stress and enhance relaxation.
  • Appears to help with fighting inflammation.